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Long experience in all questions regarding auditing

The work of auditors is professionally very demanding. Auditors are constantly being challenged anew by changes in law, jurisdiction, information technology and also by international accounting regulations and audit standards. This job needs high professional commitment, flexible thinking and being open for innovation. This is what makes us honored partners in business.

Audits and special audits

As auditors we offer the execution of mandatory and voluntary audits of annual financial statements. Here we mean that not only the legal regulations and the professional valuations at our disposal will be considered. We are also aware of structuring the audit process for client- specific opportunities . That gives you aims and to gives us the opportunity to contribute to your success in business.

Auding non-profit organizations

As auditors we are specialized in the execution of mandatory and voluntary audits of non-profit organizations and also take care of internal auditing.

We offer audits for non-profit organizations so they get the Austrian Donation Certificate, also to fulfil the legal donation beneficiary. We would be pleased to help you fulfil the requirements for the legal donation beneficiary.


Audit of foundations

Since the creation of Private Foundations pursuant to the Austrian Private Foundations Act in the year 2000 we have dealt with the relevant subject matter and are able to use our long experience as auditors for your private foundation.

Use our competence as your business partner nationally and internationally!

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