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Your auditing and advisory firm in Innsbruck 

Decades of experience in all aspects of tax: in Austria and international

As your professional accountant we are at your disposal in all areas of life, as private person, as a company, or as a public corporation. We offer complete consultancy in all questions concerning tax and business law. The tasks we are entrusted to deal with are handled conscientiously, carefully, responsibly, independently, and confidentiality. Considering the legal framework, there are often profound changes for entrepreneurs in Austria as well as worldwide. Continuous training keeps us informed about the latest developments in regulations. We work with a network of professional accountants internationally. Therefore we can always offer our partners the latest information.  

Bookkeeping – Personnel Accounts – Balancing the Yearly Accounts  

Our team handle all accounting. Our professional experts are constantly being updated on all the latest developments worldwide. After the monthly bookkeeping and balancing your yearly accounts, you receive  a detailed report that will support you in leading your company.

Setting up an enterprise – Succession – Liquidation 

We accompany you from start to finish. Setting up an enterprise means there are many questions and decisions to be considered that are of great significance. Therefore you need professional help to choose the type of enterprise in consideration of the regulations governing trade law. We are your partner in all questions related to tax and business law, or when you prepare to stand down for the next generation, or when you end your business activities, or when you intend to sell your firm. 

Organization – Planning – Investment 

During your lifelong business activities there are, besides the daily bookkeeping, also decisions to be made relating to the organization of your company, the planning and investments. We are at your disposal for that too with our professional team. We will help you with budgetary planning, investment planning and finance models. Contact us and arrange an appointment for a free and non-binding first consultation for your tax issues! 

Setting up an enterprise

We will advise you in the choice of correct legal status, financing, and the setting up of your own accounts department.
We will make you familiar with your duties as company director, owner and employer.
Investment planning and strategies for successful results are the first important structures for your future enterprise.

Company Organization

As your trustee it is our business to help you plan your short-term, medium-term and long-term projects and, when necessary, help you to restructure your company. This is an on-going process and not a single action.

Cost Accounting

We will advise you in the choice and introduction of a suitable cost accounting system.
Then you will be in the position, even by minor changes, to introduce immediate changes in the prices and proceeds structure.

Bookkeeping, Personnel Accounts

Effective bookkeeping is not only feeding the computer but an important part of cost effectiveness and successful controlling.
Because bookkeeping, sending reminders and payment transactions demand personnel and time, we offer our services as outsourcing agents for small and medium-sized businesses.
Keep your company slim.
Personnel accounting is a daily business. Nevertheless there are many interesting ways of structuring this work for the benefit of all concerned: your staff and your company.
Our know-how in this area of the ever-changing requirements in social insurance and industrial law you should use to your advantage.

Balancing the Yearly Accounts

We balance the yearly accounts with regard to the regulations in Austria (the Austrian Corporation Code (UGB), tax balance sheets for the tax authorities or do the accounts of all revenue and expenditure. We also take into consideration the possibilities of various accounting and tax strategies within the given statutory framework.

Our reports give you the figures and final analysis so that you can restructure your company as fast as possible when change is necessary. We are at your disposal when you have meetings at your bank and present you balance.

Valuations, Feasibility-Studies

We will strengthen and support your ideas, your intentions and your company planning with all the necessary information and valuations you require in order to recommend or reject any business involvement.
We will cooperate with the legal advisors or notary public of your choice. Sometimes non-involvement is better than the so-called 'Big Deals' without a prior valuation. Before any kind of involvement or cooperation takes place, we will carefully evaluate the business potential of your future partners.

Organizing the Successor

Do you belong to the thousands of enterprises who will be handing over their life's work to the next generation?
Westtreuhand will help you to cope with this important and far-reaching step.

Investment, Financing

When is an investment sensible and when is it necessary? Is your investment profitable? Where is the Break- Even-Point? How much liquidity will be generated?
Has the financing been coordinated? Have other projects been examined?
For any questions regarding financing, tax aspects, personal resources, or investment planning, we are the competent business partner you have been looking for.
Should you wish to take over a company, we will work out future profitability, the best tax form for your company and check the new object of desire from top to bottom. Making sure you don't come across any skeletons in the closet or unwelcome surprises.

Budgetary Accounting, Controlling

You certainly consider in which areas you earn well, where potential business can still be made and what the competition is up to.
Do you have an accounting office that is future-oriented? Do you have the most important information at hand?
The information highway in research and development, production, sales, and all aspects of accounting must be included in a planning and controlling system in order to compare at all times the needs of the market.
As the saying goes: Trust is good, control is better. We say: Planning is good but controlling is better.

Tax Consultation

The Westtreuhand is involved in tax law in a permanent process of further training.
Ever-changing regulations, current reforms in EU law demand constant attention, specialist knowledge and the right kind of action.
We act as our client's advocate in all matters relating to tax law and ease them of the burden of tax department concerns, government audits and even in unpleasant tax authority proceedings.
We also want to protect your enterprise from the government.

Annual Group Accounts

We draw up for you the consolidated annual company accounts according to the Austrian Corporation Code (UGB), IAS and US-GAAP.
Reporting and consolidation packaging as well as preparing the yearly accounts in English and Italian are also part of our special areas of work.

Recapitalization Consultation

Falling markets, latent solvency problems, bad debts loss through insolvent key customers - don't dare say: 'This could never happen to me!'
Should it happen then you will need someone who really knows how to help.
We are your advisors and coach.
We are your spokesman and strong right-hand when things go wrong.